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On the site, you will find lots of different training modules, including some of my favourite techniques that I’ve been notorious for throughout my career.  It will be kept up to date with fresh content, blog posts, and there will be guest appearances from other top-level fighters, who will also be sharing their knowledge and favourite moves.

Primarily, this website is for you guys to learn new techniques and implement them into your training and fight game, but ultimately, for you to have fun and enjoy yourselves while doing so!

I hope you like the site and look forward to training you!

Meet Your Trainer

Liam Harrison

Your Online Coach

Meet your coach and mentor. Liam’s reputation as a teacher and fighter is highly regarded and for the first time in history you can finally access his world class tuition online!

Real World Results

“Having witnessed first hand the superb techniques shown by liam but also the breakdown of how it’s done I can only tell you first hand it takes a genius to make the difficult seem as easy!!! Fabulous coaching skills!!”

Vinny Shoreman

“The knowledge Liam passes on through his coaching techniques is second to none. Always keeps you one step ahead, tailoring your personal needs into your training and making it enjoyable as well. From fitness training up to fight camps, training with him really makes you step up your performance to a level you never thought you could achieve.”

Ross Meston

“Always been a big Liam fan for his solid low kicks and big KO punches, but wasn’t until I trained one to one with him that I realised the technical ability he holds. His “Muay Thai IQ” is second to none and is exceptionally good at explaining the techniques he uses.”

Daniel McGowan

“As a fighter and a coach, Liam is one of the best in the business. He has the knowledge and experience to help you achieve your goals regardless of your level of experience. Through training with Liam, I have learnt new skills and techniques whilst developing fitness and muscle strength. I would highly recommend him to everyone wanting to train at any level, from complete beginners to experienced competitors.”

Jenny Claff

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